Clyo Lutheran Parish

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Wingard Memorial

Country Churches with Charm 

A few generations ago country churches covered the American landscape. The Country church offered kinship, kindness, knowledge of the Word of God, and traditional values of faith and family.  The Bible was the center of our faith and each person was treated like family.  Little by little the Country Churches have been replaced by the Mega Churches in more urban setting. In his song,” The Church in the Wildwood” Dr. William Pitts describes the country church this way. “There’s a church in the valley by the wildwood, No lovelier spot in the dale.  No place is so dear to my childhood as the little brown church in the Vale.”

Laurel Hill Lutheran Church 

530 Laurel Hill Rd, Clyo GA 31303

Est. 1862

Worship Services Sunday at 10:30 am 

Wingard Memorial Lutheran Church

108 Gordon St, Clyo, GA

Est. 1913

Worship Services Sunday at 9:00 am 

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